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No One Said Drumming Is Easy!

A bad day playing the drums is better than not playing the drums at all. But I have good days and I have bad days. Don’t we all? I find, sometimes, as I improve my skills in some areas, that I slip up in areas … Continue reading

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Music Minus Drums – Discover Gems Amid Your Music Collection

Some, or most, of you know about the variety of instructional music-minus vinyls, CDs, DVDs, and YouTube clips that provide us drummers with an opportunity to play along with our favorite tracks and to be the “guest drummer”, for lack … Continue reading

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Kenny Washington on “Taking Your Drumming to the Next Level”

Not unlike many musicians, I, too, am always looking to take my playing to the next level. What does that really mean?  What is the next level? Well, for me, it means getting to a point in my playing ability … Continue reading

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What Does My Drum Lesson Plan Look Like

As a drummer and instructor, I thought I’d memorialize some of my personal practice routines.  I We all tend to gravitate to what we feel most comfortable doing, whether it’s singles, doubles, paradiddles, flams, flamadiddles, single stroke 4’s, or drags. … Continue reading

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Traditional or Matched Grip

From the age of 9, I was taught to use a traditional grip. Frankly, I was oblivious to any other type of grip at that stage in my life and thought this was how it’s done. I remember struggling during … Continue reading

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Tribute to Drummer Charles Perry

I had the pleasure and the privilege to have studied with Charles Perry in the early to mid 1970’s. This post is a tribute to him. For those of you in the drum community who don’t know Charles Perry, he … Continue reading

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Early Memories of an Aspiring Drummer

It was about 1964. I was in the fourth grade orchestra, as percussionist. I wouldn’t necessarily say I was a percussionist at the tender age of 9; I was just learning to play the drums. I didn’t even own a … Continue reading

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Cuíca – Samba Drum known for its high squeaky sound

I just purchased my first Cuíca Samba drum, a Brazilian friction drum known for its high squeaky sound resembling a small possum, and is used in Samba music and during Carnival. I can’t wait to master it. The tone a … Continue reading

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It’s Not the Notes You Play, It’s the Notes You Don’t Play

Drumming is every bit an instrument of “feel” as it is “technique”, but it’s also an instrument of “complement”. Everything in life complements something else. One thing plays off the other. Laughing and crying. Happiness and sadness. Night and day. … Continue reading

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Cowling Exercises – Finger Strengthening and Carpel Tunnel Curative

One of my current drum instructors, Jim Rennier, introduced me to a hand strengthening exercise that has literally transformed my drumming skills and aided in alleviating my carpel tunnel issues. The Cowling exercises, formally known as the ” The Cowling … Continue reading

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