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POSTED BELOW: are recorded drums tracks from live gigs, jams, and recordings. All recordings are analog. No midis. No editing. Some are old and some are new.

Jean Luc Ponty Puppet’s Dance

I like revisiting tracks and musical genres that have played an integral role in forming my musical DNA. This 1978 Jazz Fusion track is in 6/8, a favorite time signature for me. I just retracked this in early December 2017.

Steely Dan Two Against Nature

It’s been a long day. I just went out for dinner with my wife. I have a full belly and I just wanted to chill out to something in 6/8 from the DAN, although some say the time signature is 3/4.

Live Performance Early In The Morning

During one of the weekly jam outings at a local club, I was so glad to be paired with some of the local blues musicians for this completely unrehearsed version of  Sonny Boy Williamson’s tune, Early In The Morning. The audio was recorded on a portable Tascam digital recorder placed on a window sill . Please forgive the lack of audio balance between the instruments and the vocals.

Julia Fordham Genius

This samba influenced track is from her “Porcelain” record.

Pat Metheny Follow me 

As Pat Metheny is a guitarist’s GOD, so is Paul Wertico a GOD to us drummers. I have been deeply influenced by Paul since early days with Pat. This track, “Follow Me”, is uplifting, fun to play, and brightens my day every time I play along.  ENJOY!

Alison Krauss  I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby

This is one of my favorite country and bluegrass bands! I particularly love adding a drum track to their music that never had drums in the original versions. Here’s one of those drum-less tracks with an overdub of my drums.

Django Reinhardt Dinah

Here is a vintage recording of Django.  I added the drum track to this song, which did not have any drums or percussion on the original. Here is a link to the original track for comparison.

James Cotton Fire Down Under the Hill

Here’s a 12/8 blues originally recorded with no drums; only a piano (playing the bass line and melody), a guitar, and the harmonica. I added the drum track. Here is a link to the original track without the drums, for comparison.

Karma Got My Mojo Working

Here’s a track off the Bar Lounge Classics Vol 3 release. A blast to play to.

The Music of South Africa Nigizongena Kanjani

This entire release was an incredible find. 16 tracks from 16 exceptional South African musicians. Here’s one of those tracks. I’m playing drums and bass.

Donald Fagen Walk Between the Raindrops

From one of the founding members of Steely Dan, “The Nightfly”, from his 1982 solo release, this track has always been a challenge and a favorite of mine.

T-Bone Walker T-Bone Shuffle

T-Bone is best know for his song “They Call It Stormy Monday”. But this tune, T-Bone Shuffle”, is a “flat-tire” shuffle recorded in 1947. The flat-tire shuffle is played in a triplet feel, as follows: 1 – a 2 -a 3 – a 4 – a.

Bruce Hornsby Valley Road

Bruce Hornsby deserves a shout out. I love the feel of the driving beat.

Jeff Golub Pass it On

The late, great Jeff Golub created this masterpiece on his Soul Session Album. Note the 16th note pattern on the ride cymbal.

Jack Johnson Upside Down

 J.J.Cale Devil in Disguise

I have sooo many favorite musicians but J.J. Cale is one of the pivotal performers who has played an important part in my musical development.

Dave Weckl Beacon

You’ll hear me playing the studio kit on this overdub recording of Dave Weckl’s “Beacon” off his “Perpetual Motion” CD. Thanks to Dave for being such a major inspiration.

Donald Fagen Ruby Baby

Donald Fagen, a founding member of Steely Dan, released his first solo album in 1982 titled “The Nightfly”.  This song, Ruby Baby, was written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller and was originally recorded by the Drifters in 1956, with dozens of others covering it including DION in 1962. I remember being blown away not only by the musicality of this album but by the quality of the recording. At 1:00 in, you’ll hear me switch on-the-fly from a Rock kit to a Studio kit beginning with the cymbal crash.

Jean-Luc Ponty Puppet’s Dance

This track is from his 1978 LP release called “Cosmic Messenger”.

John Hiatt Paper Thin

Here’s a great song from John Hiatt called Paper Thin off the Slow Turning LP.

J.J. Cale City Girls

The late J.J Cale has always been an influence to me since the late sixties.

Tower of Power Diggin’ On James Brown

I recently discovered this Tower of Power song called Diggin’ On James Brown.

Steely Dan Home At Last

Bernard Purdie has always been a big influence on me, especially when he was playing with Steely Dan. Here’s my tribute to the “Purdie Shuffle”.

Michael McDonald Tuesday Heartbreak

Michael McDonald, famous for his association with the Doobie Brothers and his own illustrative career, has two great Motown inspired cover albums where I found this Stevie Wonder gem.

Pat Metheny (Its’Just) Talk

Here are two of my favorite Pat Metheny songs with my overdubbed drum track.

 The Grateful Dead U.S. Blues

And for those Deadheads out there, here is my take on those U.S Blues.

Eric Clapton’s The Core

Clapton’s songbook is so deep and wide and there are so many great songs of his. I chose this one for it’s syncopation. Now, whether I’ve nailed it or not is another story. You be the judge. Harsh criticism welcome.

I’ve seen far too many YouTube videos of bands performing this song and all of the drummers have fallen short.  I hope I do this justice. Updated March 1, 2015.


I don’t profess to be a great drummer or perfect by any means, since I’m still brushing off the cobwebs after years of not playing seriously ,while at the same time I’m retraining myself to play with a matched grip. Switching to matched grip has been one of the best musical decisions I made since I started playing in 1966.

Typically, my kit is mixed “on top” of the original mix and may be slightly hotter to differentiate it from the original. This means that the original drum track is still very much there and present at the original mix level.  I’ll overdub my part onto a separate track and mix it in at a relative volume to differentiate it from the original.

All tracks are recorded analog, as follows:

Roland TD11-KVS V-Drum Kit – the stereo analog output feeds channels 1 & 2 of a Crate 12-track analog mixer.

The music tracks that I play along to are placed on track 1 of REAPER; the digital audio workstation running on a Dell XPS 8700 PC .

To record, I feed the output of the Creative Labs SoundBlaster Pro sound card into channels 9 & 10 of the Crate mixer.  The output of the mixer is then fed to the line input of the SoundBlaster card via the AUX and EFX output SENDS, minus the outputs of channel 9 & 10. This enables me to monitor the music track and the kit via the Crate mixer through the monitors and headphones while I play without recording the output of the mixer back onto the drum track.

Once the drum track is laid down on its own track, I create a final mix down between the original tune and the new drum track and render out an MP3 file for this blog.

Following these tracks, below, are links to original electronic dance music, ambient, trip hop, trance and chill/lounge music that I’ve been recording and producing over the past 14 years.

Enjoy, and please feel free to post comments.

Original Electronic/Ambient/Trip Hop/Chillout Music

I’ve been creating, writing, and producing electronic trance and chill music for some time now. Nine Inch Nails has been a big influence on me and this original track is an homage to Trent Reznor. Only and Sunspots from the With Teeth album were the inspirations for this track.

I call this tune:

Six Foot Tacks (stupid title)

Gear & Software:
Windows PC Computer
ACID 4.0
Roland TD-11 KVS V Drum Kit
Crate Mixer
Audigy 2ZS Soundcard

Additional original electronica tracks can be found on my SoundCloud page, here:


Please let me know what you think.

I am a big fan of Chillout and Lounge Music and put the following mixes up on 8tracks.com, located here:

Mix One – January 2010

Mix Two – Evening Rituals

Please let me know what you think.

As mentioned on the post “Practicing Drums on the Road“, here is the Paradiddle Pyramid by Philip Elliot.

The Paradiddle Pyramid by Philip Elliot_Modern Drummer September 2014 Issue

Since the single paradiddles run directly into the double paradiddles, which run into the triple paradiddles, without any indication where one starts and ends, you will see where I’ve annotated the start of each sequence with an “S”, “D”, and “T”, respectively.

Please feel free to contact me!

Endorsed by HINGESTIX by Sam Ruttenberg
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