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New Instagram Feed – Please Follow

For those of you who follow this blog, you will be pleased to know that there is an official “adrummersblog” Instagram feed you can follow.

On this Instagram feed, you will find short video clips of myself playing my Roland TD 11 K SV Drum kit to many songs on my home page (http://adrummersblog.com), plus some new hidden treasures.

My Studio Set-Up

I set up my studio with 2 video cameras on either side of me at “seat height”.  The camera shooting from my right side is an iPhone 6S and the camera shooting from the left side is an iPhone 4S, both shooting at 1080p.

Once the cameras are rolling, I set Reaper on record to capture the analog audio output of the V Drums (through the Crate mixer) on to a separate track where I also loaded up the song I plan to play along to. After the video recording is stopped, I connect each phone up to my PC  via USB, and simply drag and drop the files from the file explorer into a folder on my desktop. Once the videos are copied, I import the raw footage into Adobe Premier CC 2015, where I sync up the 2 video feeds and then sync up the audio track that I recorded simultaneously using the Reaper DAW. Once everything is synced up, I create a linear program, switching between the 2 cameras.

I invite everyone to follow me on Instagram @adrummersblog.

Endorsed by HINGESTIX by Sam Ruttenberg


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